What to Avoid When Promoting with Social Media


When you are interacting directly with customers, you need to be aware of a few faux pas that you should avoid. Dealing directly one on one with customers is a whole different beast then when they were just randomly seeing your ads pop up.

We will walk you through the different social sites, and how to avoid mistakes within each of them.


  1. Always follow people back. This will help you keep your followers.
  2. Do not spam your newsfeed with unnecessary tweets. Do not over promote your brand, getting up to 20 posts a day is excessive. People do not want to only read your tweets or their other’s to get lost in your brand.
  3. Robotic messages never seem personalized, so don’t over link things.


  1. Controversial issues and posts should never appear on company pages. Do not get into politics or religion for your business as it can lose it’s appeal to people.
  2. Having a boring page or no content there will not keep people as a friend or follower. You need to ensure that you have fun content for them to read and review.
  3. Not following through on promises in promotions. You need to make sure that you are sending gifts and avoiding negative comments on your page.

Google +

  1. Immediately posting your own content. When you start this page, you need to make sure that you share and promote others.
  2. Do not email your circles for every post that you create. People will delete the spam emails until they start to delete your page from their feed.

In general, while you are doing social sharing, here are a few practices to avoid:

  1. Hiding your true identity. Don’t use fake accounts to do any posting, even for comments or reviews as it can be risky and you could lose the trust of your followers.
  2. Contacting the public through a company profile. Do not send direct messages unless individuals engage in the contact first. This will keep your page appearing sensitive and honest.

Your company’s behavior on social media determines the branding for your business. You need to determine what kind of posts you are sharing. These are just as important as the times you took media in to printing services in US . You need to make sure that you continue to be credible.

Success in social media comes with purpose. Your posts need to answer a question, provide humor. As you develop your brand, you need to define your business niche or expertise. Make sure that your brand stands out from other brands similar to your own. Make sure you are responding and talking to your public, make sure to talk back with them to answer questions. The quickest way to get negative reviews is bad customer service, that applies on social media too.

Lastly, make sure that before you post anything that you check for bad grammar, misspellings, and negative tones. People like to follow and engage with pages or groups that are positive and fun. Being a brand ambassador through social media is crucial to presenting a positive message to the community.

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