Why Entrepreneurship Should Be Compulsory In Schools?

One can simply imagine the future scenario where immense competition will be striding out from each possible nook and corner leaving no space for those who attempt to equate realistic world with the definitions learnt in classrooms!

To make child imbibe skills like planning, team building, organizing resources, coordinating activities and many more, essence of entrepreneurship via class room teaching can prove to be an efficient tool to ensure their holistic personality development. The term ‘Entrepreneurship’ sparks out the concept of initiating a plan with greater understanding of associated responsibilities and risks, provided that perceived goals are met effectively. The basic focus is to make children learn and enshrine importance of systematic management for attainment of established objectives. Let’s have a quick look at various arguments in the favor of entrepreneurship as a separate mandatory subject in school’s curriculum-

– Teaching basic notions of Entrepreneurship is really useful with greater applicability in practical life where formulae of trigonometry or equations of chemical reactions may not prove as handy as the former one.

– Entrepreneurship as a subject will not only contribute to the development and growth of an individual but will have a direct implication to boost up economy of a country that relies heavily on private sector for its sustainment.

– This will provide a platform for students to express their contradictory views and distinctive suggestions. They may come up with innovative ideas to change future outlook. The same will motivate other children to do certain amount of brainstorming to get enough out of available resources.

– Due to technological advancement, it is easier and simpler for students to gain entrepreneurship experience by setting up their own venture. For e.g. Internet has truly transformed the way traditional business man used to think and have realised its importance to reach out the masses.

– Getting into entrepreneurship makes it possible to experience ultimate joy of self-accomplishment. One should think of stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur if and only if it reflects intersection of his passion, expertise and funds available.

– Evaluating students on the basis of their approach to deal with a given situation plus making them realize their hidden potential must be the motto of entrepreneurship lessons they are rendered with.

Human resources being the most useful assets to an economy can’t be furnished until or unless entrepreneurship is given sufficient space in elementary syllabus highlighting its importance for vitality of mankind.

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