Why you are better off trusting a robot over a human


In this new age of technology, it is one of the absurd idea which may strike your mind- What if robots replace human beings to conduct tedious jobs? Will it hamper quality of work done or will result into something with greater possibility of incredibility or unreliability? To overcome such intriguing thoughts of yours, we bring you the facts that will facilitate your horizon to deduce meaningful conclusions and answer the question- Why you are better off trusting a robot over a human?

They aren’t autonomous. Many people do think that the robots are just a mechanic creature with pre-defined programme installed to execute some specific action. However, this is not true as far as recent technology is concerned. The robots so created are robust to configure themselves respond differently to different situations, thereby applying an artificial intelligence quotient to improve its efficiency.

Suppose a situation where automatic software is installed to drive your flight to London. You will have enough doubts regarding it. Don’t you? The software may have some malware putting life of so many people into danger. This isn’t going to happen unless human element associated to the same isn’t eliminated i.e. the system installed in aircrafts makes use of human instructions to decide for which path to take or when to divert and execute the same in more efficient way.

However, developments of completely automated systems in all probability are ready to minimize the role of human pilot to another significant level. But what will happen if such self-controlled machines start taking their own decisions, which aren’t always right and may pose a serious threat to mankind just like Hollywood flick-Terminator.

So should we completely start believing blindly over the functioning of robots or refuse to use such autonomous systems at all? It’s better to make third choice and come up with some sort of compromise.

‘Formal verification’ is a term in Computer Science which refers to critical evaluation of installed software to analyze its applicability in reference to its practical usage that can provide you an idea about the degree of accuracy, machine is possible to work at.  Also, one should accept the fact that surrounding environment is replete of uncertainties making it impossible to design a robot with cent-percent efficient decision making process.

Rather than putting entire onus over robots to harm someone, it is better to look out for a reason that why it happened. One must acknowledge the configuration and the reason behind such kind of programming! The way it has been programmed will decide the manner in which it will function.

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