WordPress! Is it Magic for all? A boon or bane

WordPress! Is it Magic for all?
WordPress! Is it Magic for all? A boon or bane

WordPress has become favorite to setup and run websites in minutes. It is definitely a magic out of wordpress enabling masses to make blogs, social, e-commerce websites without any code digging and writing fresh modules. With the evolution of wordpress everything in website development becomes so easy and flexible that you can’t think of making a website without giving a thought to wordpress.

Simple Definition says it all
WordPress can be visualized as an offline printing press which is publishing newspaper and being read by many wherever it is circulated. It can lay claim to 60+ million websites, 65 percent of the CMS-powered websites market share and a vast community of enthusiast developers, designers, and advocates.

Power of WordPress
Ever growing popularity, Independent willful contribution and almost decades of enhancements has lead the wordpress to surpass many existing OpenSource CMS like Drupal, Joomla with huge difference in market share.


Figure 1: WordPress market share details from different sources

WordPress success decoded
There are many reasons behind the success of simple yet magical wordpress, and few of them are:

  • It is free and belong to OpenSource which does not lead to add on licensing cost to user
  • Thousands of successful plugins which adds flexibility to the wordpress to shape it like ecommerce (+ WooCommerce), social (+ BuddyPress) portal.
  • Thousands of themes adding freshness to wordpress websites with customization options.
  • Delight for developers and designers to ramp up the website based on client requirements.
  • Easy backend interface to learn and manage the whole website in clicks.

When to say GoodBye to WordPress
WordPress is very flexible, reliable and ready to use CMS platform to kickoff projects requiring blogging, user interactions, shopping, quiz / surveys, discussion forums and many more. But with the growing size of project which has huge user interactions, the fundamental basis of wordpress which seems to be pressing (publishing) engine becomes nightmare for developers and website owners. A bird eye view of wordpress database shows that wp_posts and wp_users tables in wordpress database spreads its roots to almost all other tables.


Figure 2: WordPress – WP 3.9.4 Database diagram

When a simple wordpress project started growing beyond in-built capabilities of wordpress and then over charging wordpress to deliver the smooth results could be a risk and serious threat to the project. However the answer in this situation is either start parallel project development in any core language, or to look out for a professional wordpress developers team who can handle looming threats expected to come with the time.

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