[Infographic] Working From Home – Some People Like It and Some Just Don’t

During the early days of my professional career in Accenture, one day I got a ping from my boss – “WFH”. At that time, I had no clue about this abbreviation WFH. But now I do. WFH stands for “Working From Home”. Working from home is seen as an ideal solution to easing tension between your personal and professional life.

But there are people who are never in favor of WFH culture. Recently, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home. But at Techcuppa, we believe that traveling in traffic to and from work each day is insane. Sometimes, professional life affects your personal life way too badly. Flexible hours, no commute and spending more time with family has positive effect on professional life.

But still not everyone agrees. some people like it and some just don’t. Check out this infographic created by Staff.com and see if Working From Home is the future.



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